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Album Update - April 27, 2010

I have officially begun recording my first solo album. So far 9 songs but I may add a couple more. Still not sure yet. I spent most of last weekend wearing my fingers raw playing guitar – but had a blast with my producer Andrew Greacen at More Sound Studios here in Syracuse. A great studio located very close to my mansion.

It’s coming along nicely and I am having so much fun creating again. I am honored to have some fantastic guests on this album too. For one, I have enlisted Michael Seda, my long time band-mate from Seeking Homer to lay down the beats. I cannot wait to hear these songs with his force behind them. Backing me up on at least one song, will be the wonderful voice of Krista Lewandowski. You are going to love her.

More to come....

Stay Classy San Diego - February 3, 2010

So my next trip is within the borders of the US. I'm heading out to San Diego, CA later this month. I've never been. Heard great things and will be shown around by probably the best tour guide I could ask for. I am really looking forward to it. And to get away from the snow for a little while will be fantastic. So as many of you know, with every trip I take, I tend to come back with some new songs. I don't wanna come back though. We'll see.

Live on WCNY PBS TV (Connected) - January 11, 2010

LIVE ON WSYR TV - Syracuse, NY - December 17, 2009

Robert Earl Keen - Merry Christmas From the Family - November 28, 2009

Hands down, my favorite Christmas song. The great Texan, Robert Earl Keen Jr. Happy Holidays.

Dusty Pas'Cal - "Hunters & Thieves" - November 5, 2009

One of the funniest guys I have met in a long time is a fella named Dusty Pas'cal. I've heard about him for several years as this mythical 6 foot 4 creature who not only writes some amazing songs but holds 2 Guinness World Records involving deviled eggs. When/if you ever see him, I'll let him tell you all about it. Anyway, i was introduced to him through my good friend Brad Thomas and have had the pleasure to have him join me a few times on stage. We are in the workks right now putting together a nice Theater concert in Syracuse for the holidays - right before Christmas - stay tuned. This is one of his gems - "Hunters and Thieves"....great line in here "We grow up just like weeeeeeeds!"

Mindy Smith - Come To Jesus - October 15, 2009

I was first introduced to Mindy Smith when I was living in Philadelphia. The best radio station I've ever known, 88.5 WXPN began playing her on a regular basis - her voice is so amazing and it just hooked me. The only one I can compare it to is Harriett Wheel of The Sundays. I began to download more of her songs and was just floored by every one. Recently, a couple friends of mine (Brab & Krista) have been playing this one - so sweet. Check out more of Mindy at:

The Making of a Masterpiece - October 1, 2009

Check out this great snippet of The Stones working on and polishing the classic that would become Sympathy For The Devil. Fantastic!

Debbie Gibson - WTF? - September 3, 2009

Okay, so I get an email from one of my good friends (I will call him Li'l E) and he want's to know why there isn't any Debbie Gibson on my website along with other great 80's bands. Now back in the late 80's, E and I used to cut lawns all day in the summertime. Then spend all the money we made on Doritos, Slurpee's and baseball cards. But as we'd cut lawns, we'd be jammin' to mix tapes in our Walkman's (the kind with the orange headphones). So one day I ask him what he is listening to and without showing embarrassment, he says "oh, just some Debbie Gibson". I lost it!

What began next was a musical intervention. I immediately put him on a strict detox of bands like Led Led Zeppelin, The Hooters, Van Halen, The Stones, etc. After a few months, he came out of it alright. He made it through high school without getting beat up. Got accepted to Notre Dame. And then grad school in Pittsburgh. Now he's rolling in the $$$ - living in Tax-a-Chusetts, beautiful wife, wonderful kids, the dog. He's come such a long way. I am so proud of him.

So, if you have a friend you care for, and their taste in music is very questionable - take the time to work then through it. It can have drastic consequences on many people's lives if you don't. Don't let the one's you love listen to weak music.

Kim Jong Il is so ronry - August 27, 2009

Pure genius. I'm not a South Park fan but these guys made a fantastic movie here in Team Force America. You can find it at Walmary in 2 for $10 bin. Good stuff.

Men at Work - Down Under - August 7, 2009

This was my favorite video for the longest time - never understanding the words much, but it always captured me. I was curious about Vegemite for a long time. Found some. Ate it - it's awful. Don't eat it unless you need to keep mosquitoes away or have Aussie ancestry.

U2 - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (LIVE @ Fordham University) - July 28, 2009

Here's a great clip from U2's surprise performance at Fordham University - my alma mater. Kinda funny to think about not only all the classes I took in that building but also all the shenanigans I pulled on those very steps. Seems surreal to see them playing in the very spot I got my diploma.

Big ups to Fr. Joseph McShane S.J. at Fordham for pulling this one off. I had to pleasure to know Fr. McShane while at Fordham and he's simply an amazing and inspiring person. I can understand why U2's people said "Sure, we'd love to play a small campus in The Bronx at 8AM, in the winter.

Walking on The Moon - The Police - July 20, 2009

Because I wasn't alive at the time, it's hard for me even comprehend how awesome that "landing on the moon" experience must have been to witness. Growing up in the 80's, 90's, 00's - we really have not had many positive television events like this. (see: Challenger, Endeavor, OJ, Rodney King, 911, et al.) I'm certain great things happen every day somewhere - we just don't hear about it. It also doesn't generate the add revenue as those stories that divide us - it's sad. I think we are starving for a moment like this that could bring us all together again.

Anyway, all this thinking of the moon makes me think of this great tune by The Police - recorded live in Atlanta, GA during their 1983 Synchronicity tour. My sister Kimmy witnessed this in Rochester, NY. Lucky.

Back from Edinburgh, Scotland (Update) - July 7, 2009

Edinburgh, Scotland is a fantastic place. As soon as you land in the city's center you can hear the bagpipes. What's pretty funny is that as you walk around the city, you will see the same 5 pipers throughout - they move about the city like witches. You will also see guitarists, accordionists and magicians - all of which are super talented and a pleasure to watch and listen to.

The legendary Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline and looks down over the city - built atop a volcano many centuries ago. It's an icon for the Scots and currently houses their War Memorial and Crown Jewels - very cool place.

While there, be prepared to meet a million people - not only Scots, but from all over the world. I met Swedes, Spaniards and tons of Aussies - they are everywhere. And EVERYONE loves to introduce themselves and talk about "America". One guy I met, Carl, came to the US 30 years ago for a couple of weeks. His cousin opened a doughnut shop in Detroit and he came to help. He spent his days making doughnuts and his nights with the hookers. He loved it. His wife made him come back though.

The pubs are great. All of them pay homage to some local fairytale or folklore like that of Maggie Dixon. She was a hooker that got knocked up by a "john" but the baby died. Maggie concealed its body. Found guilty under the concealment of Pregnancy Act she was returned to Edinburgh for execution by hanging in 1724. She was placed in a coffin and taken to the grave for burial. But en route there was a banging from inside the coffin, and when the lid was lifted, Maggie was found to be alive. She lived for another 40 years, known universally as "Half-Hangit Maggie". Some say that Maggie survived because she had become a "good friend" of the ropemaker who supplied the hangman: and the early breaking of the rope allowed her survival. Good stuff.

At a place called Biddy Mulligan's - I saw a fantastic band from Glasgow called Playtone. They played some great cover songs but have some great originals. These guys would eat up the States. Check 'em out. (

Edinburgh, Scotland - June 26, 2009

So I am taking a little bit of a trip. Leaving Central New York for the summertime fun of Edinburgh, Scotland. I am told it's an amazing place, rich with history, culture and ale - lot's of ale. I will be bringing my guitar, playing on the streets during the day and various pubs at night. If you have any recommendations on "must see's" - drop me a line at For those of you that know me well, I just kind of vanish and do these last minute trips. If you have any suggestions on where I should go next, let me know. So far people are telling me New Zealand and Hong Kong ( I would love too - very long flight however) - any idea's for flights less than 15 hours?? I would like to volunteer for any USO events in the Middle East. So if any of you can pull any strings for me, drop me a line.

Michael Jackson, Dead at 50. - June 25, 2009

For me Michael Jackson really wasn't an influence nor was I even a fan really. Never owned an album (or cassette). My favorite things he did were collaborations with other icons - I loved the song he did with Mick Jagger in '83 called "State of Shock".

Growing up in South Carolina at the time, that song dominated the airwaves. Jammin' tune. One thing that MJ did was merge music and visual entertainment and set the bar very high for everyone after him. When the "Thriller" video came out, I remember all the hype. It was the first time that MTV had a "World Premier Video". I remember watching this video with my entire family at my aunt and uncle's house in Whitesboro, NY. For those of us growing up in the 80's - this was our Ed Sullivan/Beatles moment.
Check out this kid and his version of "Billie Jean" - wow!

Gotta Love Those Troops! - June 11, 2009

It's great to see that amid all the pressure over there in harm's way that our brave men and women can let go and chill a bit. When you see troops here in your travels, take a moment to say a word of "thanks." Despite what the media shows, our troops are doing some amazing things over there.
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