1. I Don't Know

From the recording I Don't Know

Here's a demo of a song I wrote this fall and hope to record in full this winter. Brad Thomas helped me engineer this one make it sound pretty good. Nice and simple.


We hit the ground running - Never looking back.
The snow is still falling but I don't think it'll cover your tracks
Not sure if any of this was a good idea
But it's been too long since we've felt something more than fear

I don't know, if this will make sense tomorrow
And I don't know if I really care
Tonight you found a missing part of me
Tomorrow you'll pack up your bags and these memories

For years I've been wondering what I'd say to you - I knew this day would come
And to hear what you've been going through and doing it on your own
You never bothered to look me up when your down
But here we are - no one else is around

I've missed those stars in your eyes and fire in your soul
Long drives to nowhere, never-ending roads

We hit the ground running - never looking back
The snow is still falling but I don't think it will cover our tracks.