Habitual Line Stepper (2011)

Tommy Connors: Habitual Line Stepper
The long-awaited solo debut album from Tommy Connors. Full length CD features 11 original songs and 1 cover. Track Listing: TRACK LIST 1) Don't Answer Me Now 2) Black Horse Pike 3) When Does The Giving End 4) Show Me The Light 5) If You Run 6) I Don't Know 7) Nothing More To Lose 8) Galveston & Galway 9) Break Me 10) Never Meant That Much to Me 11) Someone Made Me Stumble 12) Burying Confessions Buy This CD on Ebay!! For those of you who like to purchase via eBay...here ya go.
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Not So Far Away (Seeking Homer 2004)

Seeking Homer: Not So Far Away
Recorded at Dizzyland Studios hidden deep in Southern New Hampshire's wooded foothills. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Happel (Thanks to Gravity, Guster). This was a fun summer. Drank many Red Hooks, Long Trails and Gatorade. 1 Anam Cara (Words: D.Oberacker / Music: T. Connors) 2 Rock You Slow (Words: D.Oberacker / Music: D. Oberacker) 3 Whiskey Town (Words: T.Connors / Music: T.Connors) 4 Ms. Wichita (Words: T.Connors / Music: T.Connors) 5 About This Day (Words: D.Oberacker / Music: D. Oberacker) 6 The Man in the Subway Station (Words & Music: D. Oberacker) 7 Any Moment Now (Words: T.Connors / Music: T.Connors) 8 Running Out of Time (Words & Music: M. Seda) 9 Don't Wake Me (Words: T.Connors / Music: T.Connors) 10 In The Air (Words: D.Oberacker / Music: T.Connors) Buy this on CDBABY!
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Paradise (Seeking Homer 2001)

Seeking Homer: Paradise
Recorded in the Summer on 2001, at the famed Avatar Studios in New York City. We were in the same rooms and studios that many of our favorite albums were created (Rolling Stones' "Tattoo You"; Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms"; Peter Gabriel's "So" and Dave Matthews Band "Under The Table and Dreaming". Without these albums, there would have been no Seeking Homer and chances are there would not have been a Tommy Connors - singer/songwriter. The album was Produced and mixed by Jon Wolfson - who at the time had a #1 hit with the country crossover "Amazed" by Lonestar. We walked in to the studio in August, excited, nervous, respectful of the souls who entered the hallways before us. Two weeks later, we finished the album but were saddened, confused, lost and mourning the souls who perished on our darkest day. It took us quite a while before we even felt like playing again. Our perspectives changed. We took stock in ourselves, our families, our futures. 1. Horses Running (Words: D. Oberacker / Music: Seeking Homer) 2. Breaking Away (Words: D. Oberacker / Music: Seeking Homer) 3. Downtown (Words: T. Connors / Music T. Connors) 4. Fire (Words: D. Oberacker / Music: Seeking Homer) 5. Postponed Love (Words: D. Oberacker / Music: Seeking Homer) 6. The Longest Day (Words: M. Seda / Music: M. Seda) 7. Stung (Words: D. Oberacker / Music: Seeking Homer) 8. Eastbound (Words: T. Connors / Music: T. Connors) 9. Beautiful Life (Words: T. Connors / Music T. Connors) 10. Paradise (Words: D. Oberacker / Music: Seeking Homer) 11. The Star Spangled Banner (Arrangement by Seeking Homer) Buy this on CDBABY!
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