Mundy "July" 

So after a show I did at Kitty Hoyne's, David Hoyne and I struck up a conversation about a few artists native to Ireland. Then we began showing me clips of some people he thought I'd appreciate. Mundy was one of those performers. Two days later I special ordered every CD of his from Ireland. This guy is great. He reminds me of the Robert Earl Keen of Ireland...which is a good thing.

Francesco Forni - BLUE VENOM BAR 

So I was in Rome Italy recently and aside from doing all the usual tourist stuff - I was able to check out some live music while there. I was in this great little cafe in Trastevere and caught Franceso doing a solo show. Awesome musician, great performer and even though most of what he sang was in Italian - you could feel what was going on in each song. He did an amazing version of Hendrix's Voodo Chile that was sick! His website is still under construction but his MySpace page is a great place…

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Ladies & Gentlemen...Conway Twitty. 

I remember when I was growing up in South Carolina I used to spend all my summer days at the neighborhood pool. We'd get high on Mentos and Mello Yello. Anyway, one of the lifeguards said that one of my friends looked just like Conway Twitty and called him that every summer to his face. My buddy would get so pissed, but me being from NY - I had no clue who Conway was. I grew up eventually hearing about Conway Twitty and used to crack myself up about how angry my friend got every time he came…

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Dido - See You When You're 40 (LIVE) 

Just an amazing song - the performance is fantastic especially when she kicks into another gear at the end. I keep thinking she's going to segway in "Feel Us Shakin'" towards the end. Great band too.

Tommy Connors to join Medicine Wheel 

It's official. Tommy is now the front man and lead singer for the central New York Rock band, Medicine Wheel ( Medicine Wheel is a collaboration of great musicians that started strummin' in 2012. Prolific songwriter Charley Orlando (Ruha, Dexter Groove) and guitar great Michael Vincitore (Red Light District, Dark Hollow) stared an acoustic duo and were playing pub dates in the Syracuse area. The duo was great fun; but there was a desire to take that collaboration to the…

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Vic Thrill & The Saturn Missle 

So after The Bogmen split up, Billy started this band and they were so "off the wall". He adopted the stage name Vic Thrill and came up with some crazy and amazing tunes. This is one of them in which he shows off his unorthodox dance moves. Enjoy.

Band of Horses (No One's Gonna Love You More Than I Do) 

Man, I love this song. C. Lo Green just covered it on his new album too. Anyway, my best friend told me that there's a small buzz amongst my comrades in Philly that I'm a dead ringer for the drummer. Great vidio. Great band. Fantastic song.

Bon Iver - Holocene 

It must have been the fall of 2008 when Danny Brennan, my long-time manager and now partner in wine turned me on to Bon Iver. I must admit, at that point in my life, it was tough for me to find the time to really "listen" to music. But over the past couple years, I'd pull this debut CD up on ipod and chill. Then I heard Peter Gabriel cover "Flume", which made me fanatical over the song. Then, this album came out in 2011 - simply titled "Bon Iver". I burned it onto a disc so that I could listen in…Read more