The Star Spangled Banner - Live from Harper's Ferry in Boston, MA 

So aside from where did we come up with the band name, the second most asked question I get is how did we end up playing the Star Spangled Banner. The story behind this is kind of amazing. The first time we ever played it was at Yankee Stadium before a game in 1997 - where we were hired to play beforehand as fans strolled into the game. Dave just started singing it and the whole band just followed along. The fans that were about to enter the stadium, turned around and came back. In a few moments,…Read more

Downtown (Acoustic Instrumental) - Montage 

This video was shot while en route to Boston. It really was a great day and a fun a show to follow. It was also on this day that I think I read the entire David Lee Roth autobiography, Crazy From The Heat - an amazing book. I miss the ol' Blue Van. Good times.